Framed pastel donated to the McMichael Canadian Art Collection fundraising auction.  Swan on the Nest

Pastel is 16 x 13 inches and the frame (shown below) is 30.5 x 26.5 inches. This is part of Hilary's Swan on the Nest Series which she has been working on since 2010. Read more about the series on the About page on the menu above. 

Photo and Styling by Electa Porado

​Swan on the Nest  is shown framed behind glass on the mantel.  It is wired on the back with a strong wire in case the winner wants to hang it up.

Thank you for donating to the McMichael.


Pastel is 16 x 13 inches which is much bigger than the ones that have sold for $300.00.

Marilyn Bell Landing, 2014, pastel on grey paper, 2014 pastel sur papier gris

8.5 x 11.5 inches/pouces Catalogue Raisonné #5614,

Collection privée aux États-Unis

Private Collection, USA

About Hilary a été inspirée par Marilyn Bell qui a nagé à travers le lac Ontario des États-Unis au Canada. Cela a été peint 10 ans après que l'artiste a immigré au Canada.

À propos Hilary was inspired by Marilyn Bell who swam across Lake Ontario from the US to Canada. This was painted 10 years after the artist immigrated to Canada.