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The Cygnet, framed.jpg

The Cygnet, 13.5 x 10.5 inch pastel in frame

The mat is an important element when framing a pastel so that the pastel will not touch the glass. SOLD

Paintings brighten a room.JPG

If you have chrome furniture, then a chrome frame will look good.

The New Nest, framed.jpg

This is what I call museum matting because it is a bigger mat than usual.

The New Nest pastel painting measured only 13 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches, same size as The Cygnet (top of page), yet it was framed in a much larger vintage frame. SOLD

Swansea above the lamp.jpg

Recycling:  Back at the 2013 Art Tour, this painting Swansea was displayed in a vintage frame. It is a pretty frame, and so, I painted it white and was very pleased with the results.

6.Swansea framed in white 2.jpg

Even though this frame is bulky, it is still included with Swansea on Etsy.

I think the frame and painting go together very well.

Cattails, framed.jpg

Here is a standard sized mat made to fit a standard sized frame from Michael's.  It is a very straight forward task to frame a 13 1/2 x 10 1/2 inch pastel in this way.  It goes right into the mat and the mat goes right into the frame.  This pastel is called Cat tails.


Do you remember that TV show in the 1960s where kids painted on plexiglass?  I always wanted to try that.  Finally in 2019 I took a piece of acetate on a support down to the beach and painted these Canada Geese at the easel.  Passersby were very appreciative of it.

#1419, At the Shore, wonderama, Geese an

New Canadians painting on acetate

Muir Gardens, framed.jpg

Muir Gardens in a fancy frame.

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