Valentine's Day Flowers 2019.jpg
#6921 Hydrangea, Lily, Lily, Cat oil on Canvas Board, 20 x 16 inches, Submitted to Musee D
#3721 Lilies and Heather acrylic on canvas board 20 x 16 inches.jpg
#6821 The Afghan Carpet , oil on canvas board, 20 x 16 inches, sub. to M D'Orsay.jpg

Flowers by Hilary Porado

Tulips in a Portuguese Vase     Hydrangea, Lily, Lily, Cat
Lilies with an Afghan Carpet     Hydrangea, Lily, Lily, Rose 

#8021 Blazing Stars and Cattails, acrylic on canvas board, 20 x 16 inches.jpg
#3720, Frog and pond lily, acrylic on canvas board, 14 x 11 inches.jpg
7.3318, Perfection, Will, Words, Swans, 175, acrylic on canvas panel.jpg

In the Marsh
by Hilary Porado

Cattails &  Flowers     Ducks &  Waterlilies
& Pond Lily         Swans & Cygnet

16 On the Pond.jpg
Bicentenary On the Pond, oil on panel, 2019,_edited_edited_edited.jpg

On the Pond
by Hilary Porado

On the Pond    Ice Hikers
Patinage Artistique        Ski de Fond

2. Porado. Centennial Park Skiers.jpg
2. Porado. Centennial Park Skiers.jpg
Swansea Hill 2017 pastel.JPG

Winter Sports by Hilary Porado

Skiers   Sledding Hill