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I sailed from the UK landing in New York City, and discovered a love of painting soon after at All Souls School. That eventually led to a major in Studio Art at Wellesley College.  

After graduation, I worked as a graphic artist at United Press International, Newhouse Newspapers, and Maturity News Service in Washington, DC. Years later, I emigrated to Canada and am thrilled to be back in the Commonwealth!

I made the decision to draw and paint exclusively en plein air despite, as I told Our Canada magazine, that "Sometimes it's a challenge to get birds to stay and be painted."

One day, spotting a nesting swan, I rushed home to get a drawing board and pastels. A passerby said, "I've been here 12 years and I have never seen anyone paint that. Do you sell them? 'Cause I'd be interested."

I'd found my metier and have had paintings in group and solo shows, as well as online, for more than a decade. Many are in private collections across North and Central America.

Inspired by AY Jackson, I've stepped up my winter painting, focusing on flocks of Trumpeter Swans that spend Canada's coldest season along the Northern shores of Lake Ontario.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2020 August, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDuhHw2vXcMgRT_Wd_k8KoQ

2019, Sept-October, Joie de Vivre at Swansea Town Hall

2019, January, Ponds and Rivers along the QEW, Woodside Square Library

2018, Sept-October, Sightseeing with Hilary Porado at Swansea Town Hall

2018, January, Naturally Beautiful Toronto, Albion Library

2017, Sept-October, The Majesty of Swansea, Swansea Town Hall

2016, Sept-October, Impressions of Swansea, Swansea Town Hall

2016, February,  Motion in Landscape at Runnymede Library 

2015, December, Motion in Landscape at Richview Library

2015, September,  Second Swansea at Swansea Town Hall

2014, September, Swansea at Swansea Town Hall

2013, January, Windows on the Park at Richview Library

2012, March, April, Impressions of High Park and Sunnyside Beach, Runnymede Library, 

2011, October, Paintings, Pastels and Etching at Espresso Mi Vida restaurant

2011, January, Hilary Porado, at Runnymede Library

2010, October, Hilary Porado at Runnymede Library


Selected Group Sales or Expos

2018, September, Locomotion at Art Square Gallery

2017, December, Art for Cancer Foundation at Art Square Gallery

2017, October, 30@3030, Dundas St., West

2017, September, Art Day at Rouge National Urban Park, paid honorarium

2017,  June, Art Tour, Bloor West, Swansea, High Park, Junction

2016, Art for Cancer Foundation at their Workshop

2016, November, Mistletoe Magic, John B. Aird Gallery

2016, November, Ontario Plein Air Society Annual Show at Riverdale Gallery 

2016, October, 30@3030 Dundas St., West.

2016,  June, Art Tour, Bloor West, Swansea, High Park, Junction

2016,  February, Toronto West Art Collective at Todmorden Mills Gallery

2015,  Art for Cancer Foundation at their Workshop

2015,  October, 30@3030 Dundas St., West.

2015,  June, Art Tour, Bloor West, Swansea, High Park, Junction

2014,  June, Art Tour, Bloor West, Swansea, High Park, Junction

2013,  June, Art Tour, Bloor West, Swansea, High Park, Junction

Selected Press

Toronto.com, Sept. 2019

Our Canada, June/July 2019

Inside Halton.com, Jan.2019

Toronto.com, Dec.2018

Bloor West-Parkdale Neighborhood Voice, front page, Dec. 2018

torontostoreys.com Oct. 2018

My Kawartha.com Oct. 2018

Waterloo Chronicle.ca Oct. 2018

Niagara Falls.ca Oct.2018

Simcoe.com Sept.2018

Cambridge Times.ca, Sept.2018

snapdetobicoke paper and website Feb. 2018

Bloor West Villager, Oct. 2017

snapdetobicoke newspaper and website, Feb. 2016

Hamilton News.com, Sept.2015

Toronto.com, Sept.2015

snapdbloorwestvillage, Oct. 2014

snapbloorwest newspaper and website,  June 3013

snapetobicoke, February 2013

snapbloorwest newspaper, April 2012

snapbloorwest newspaper, Nov. 2011

snapbloorwest newspaper, Feb. 2011

Globe and Mail, November, 2009

Selected Employment

1984-88 United Press International graphic artist

1988-90 Newhouse News Service graphic artist

1990-92 Maturity News Service graphic artist

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Singing, skiing, ice skating, swimming